all together now - artist submission form

Interested in selling your work with All Together Now? Please read the information below and use the form to apply.

Artwork and programming that is thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring is what we are all about. Because our space will be open to the public, we believe in ART FOR ALL, meaning we are only able to consider works that are available to be viewed by anyone. Please do not waste your time submitting your work if this is not your audience. Though we wholeheartedly believe that artists should make whatever art they need to, and that all art has a right to exist, we also know that art relies on certain platforms and audiences, and our audience for this exhibition is everyone.

All Together Now is a champion of equal opportunities for all. We encourage you to submit as you are because that’s the best way to be. No matter your race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identity, immigration status… you are welcome here.

All Together Now will run May 1 through June 28 at The Beacon Atlanta, located at 1039 Grant Street SE | Atlanta, GA 30315. We are in Building B, Suite 15.


Include 1-3 images of current and available work, or proposals for the work you have in mind, using the following guidelines (link to a tutorial here on best practices):

  • File format: JPEG in 72 dpi

  • File size: no larger than 1000 pixels on largest side

  • File name: Firstname_Lastname_Title (ie: Lolla_Racine_ArchipegaloDos)

Have a retail value of $300 or less (the gallery split is 70/30 - how to word succinctly?)

Be no larger than 20 x 28” framed

Be original art in any medium -or- high-quality, archival, editioned prints (we recommend Tower Press in Decatur for exquisite digital printing that is archival)

Be created in Georgia

Agree that your work will be framed and ready for hanging; if your work does not require framing (due to mounting, sandwhiching in plexiglass, etc., please explain in your submission (see framing guidelines below**) (please include the cost of framing in your retail price)

Agree that you will mail or drop-off your work and it will arrive by the deadline on

*Note: these guidelines must all be met in order to qualify for selection


Submission Deadline April 10, 2019

Selections made by April 12, 2019

Notification of selections and contracts provided to artists by April 15, 2019

Work dropped off at All Together Now on April 19-21.

**FRAMING GUIDELINES All art must be framed and ready to hang in simple frames in black, white, or natural wood. The actual frame moulding does not need to exceed 2” and must be submitted with backing wire or french cleats and ready to hang. Your work does not need to be professionally framed, which can be costly (and collectors often have work framed the way they prefer after purchase). This look can be achieved by utilizing frames already on the market. (If choosing a frame from Ikea, please consider floating your work on a matboard using linen tape or a comparable archival material rather than using the provided mat.) If you’re interested in professional framing we suggest hiring and including the cost in your retail pricing. Why let people purchase this when they can own original, local art? Other frame suggestions:

Need advice? We’d love to talk!

SELECTION PROCESS Exhibition proposals will be reviewed by the Curator Panel, comprised of Pamela Barba, Hope Hilton, and Gina Livingston. Once selections are made you will hear from us. Please do not inquire as to whether or not your submission has been selected, as we are very busy and promise to be in touch.

SELECTION ACCEPTANCE Selected proposals will be notified via email by 00/00/2019 and will be provided a contract, insurance, and instructions for delivery


PRESENTATION All work must be ready for installation and professionally presented upon delivery. Any works not following the guidelines set forth may be excluded. Framed work must be ready to hang, meaning backing wire or french cleats are prepared. Identification labels with your name, title, medium, and retail price will be attached to the back of the work. If your work requires special installation instructions, we will work with you, just let us know!

SALES + EVENTS All sales and events are 30/70, with artists and facilitators . Artists will be [mailed a check?] for sold work following the close of the exhibition.

LIABILITY All work will be insured during exhibition. We are not liable for damage or loss in transit to and from the gallery. Any damage caused due to faulty preparation will not be covered.