lindsey luna tucker

Lindsey moved around every few years as a child, but spent the majority of her time growing up in Saline, Michigan. Throughout all of the moves, her constant was always her connection to the earth. She has five siblings, but as a child Lindsey preferred playing and exploring on her own. Exploration of the natural world gave her a sense of belonging that she didn't feel anywhere else. Her appreciation for the earth and environment continues to be her motivation for creating art.

As an adult Lindsey has extensively studied mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Her landscape paintings combine her love for the earth and her belief in our interconnectedness. Lindsey's paintings are a celebration of the world around us and a space where we might each become more connected - to ourselves, to each other, to nature, and to our own spirituality. Her paintings depict an imperfect or shifting landscape to remind us of the constant movement within our own lives. Within the movement is stillness, beauty, and peace if we allow ourselves time to truly consume.